Women Owned Law 2023 Awards

WOL celebrates those women, firms, corporations and businesses that share our commitment to ensuring that women attorneys and legal entrepreneurs thrive.  WOL honors women attorneys and legal entrepreneurs who are leaders in the community, and their champions.  For our third annual symposium, we welcome nominations of women, firms, corporations and businesses that are leaders in their community and exemplify our commitment so we can recognize their contributions to this important sector of the legal community.

2023 Award Recipients 

Distinguished Member Service Award - Nancy Lanard, Senior Partners - Lanard & Associates

WOL Making A Difference Outstanding Community Service Award - Laurie R. Jubelirer, Owner - Jubelirer Law, LLC

Women Legal Entrepreneur of the Year - N. Damali Peterman, Esq., Founder & CEO - BreakthroughADR LL & JAMS, INC.


General Criteria:

  • All awards will be bestowed at the pre-WOL Symposium dinner to be held on April 18, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA.
  • For all awards, the nominee must be able to attend the awards ceremony at the WOL Symposium dinner. 
  • Prior to nominating someone, nominators must confirm the nominee is available to attend the Symposium.
  • Nominations for awards can only be made by an application submitted by a member of WOL.
  • Nominees may be but are not required to be members of WOL, except for the Distinguished Member Service Award, who must be a member of WOL. 
  • Self-nominations are accepted.
  • If multiple applications are submitted for any person or entity, only the first application received will be considered.
  • Please note that the only award that can be given to either entity or individual is the Champion of the Year; all other awardees must be individual women.
Four Award Categories

Woman Legal Entrepreneur of the Year: This award recognizes a woman legal entrepreneur who:

  • Professional Excellence:  Achieves professional excellence and recognition in the legal community;
  • Creativity: Demonstrates innovation, creativity and tenacity in business endeavors in the legal field;
  • Values: Embodies the values of WOL to connect, advance and support women entrepreneurs in the law; and
  • Mentor: Acts as a mentor for other women or women’s businesses or organizations to help and support other women entrepreneurs in the law,


Champion of the Year: This award recognizes an organization or leader of an organization that: 

  • Demonstrated Commitment to Women Legal Entrepreneurs: Has a track record of making significant financial and other efforts to support women legal entrepreneurs, women-owned law firms, and/or women-owned legal service businesses.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy: Adopts and implements a diversity and inclusion policy and measures its success in achieving implemented measures;
  • Supplier Diversity Policy: Adopts a supplier diversity policy and measures its success in achieving implemented measures;
  • External Diversity Efforts: Advances opportunities for women attorneys, women-owned law firms, and/or women-owned legal service businesses by demonstrated increases in their retention over the past three years;
  • Internal Diversity Efforts: Increases the number of diverse employees over the past three years in management or other senior positions; and


Distinguished Member Service Award: This award recognizes a member of WOL who has given long and meritorious service to WOL or particularly meritorious service of a shorter duration.  Nominations may only be submitted by a member of the Board of Directors.


Making a Difference Outstanding Community Service Award: This award recognizes a member of the community who:

  • Service: makes significant contributions to the community through their time, actions, talent and dedication to a cause that assists people in the legal system. 
  • Mentoring: serves as a mentor and role model for new attorneys strives to help them begin or advance in their careers.  The honoree should have a passion for helping others.
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