Women Owned Law Membership Scholarships

WOL is offering partial scholarships (70 percent) towards a one-year membership in WOL in order to ameliorate any financial barriers to women owned law firm members seeking to join.  WOL strongly embraces and values diversity in all its forms and is committed to building a diverse and inclusive organization that meets the needs of all of its members.  WOL thus particularly hopes this scholarship will enable greater participation of those individuals or firm owners from historically underrepresented groups in the legal profession for whom the membership fees will be a financial barrier to joining.

 Our application process is currently open. To be considered, please submit an online application providing the following:   

  • A statement attesting that paying for membership in WOL would present a financial hardship on them (if individuals) or their law firms (if it is for a law firm membership), and
  • A statement specifying how the individual/firm will contribute and support WOL as an active member(s).
Complete Scholarship Application Now

Scholarships are limited and applicants will be notified within two weeks of application submission. If you have questions, please contact [email protected].